Finding wedding vendors like you shouldn't be hard.

Find with Hue I Do is the product of Hue I Do, the podcast hosted by Ashleigh Coffie and Toniah Paryo Gray. Every week, the cohosts and guests will shoutout wedding vendors we admire or adore. These vendors range in age, experience, location, but there is something about them that is worth telling someone else.

We wanted to create a central location for brides and grooms to find other like-minded vendors. After hosting the podcast for 2.5 years, we realized how hard it is for some of these vendors to be found, especially if they were starting out or didn’t have a huge social media following. Brides and grooms want to find wedding vendors that look like them, love like them, and can give them quality service during their wedding journey. 

Find with Hue I Do is an inclusive directory that accepts vendors of all ethnicities, work histories, and backgrounds, just as long as they will respectfully service Black, brown, and diverse couples. 

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