Most frequently asked questions and answers.

No. However, you recognize that by adding your wedding vendor business to Find with Hue I Do means that you are open working with Black, brown, and diverse couples.

We review each profile that is submitted, whether we know the vendor or not. Each profile is then reviewed based off the information provided and information publicly accessible through website and social media platforms. Once the information has been checked, it is also reviewed for grammar and formatting consistency. This process can take up to 72 hours during busier times.

No, however, you will receive semi-annual reminders to keep your profile updated.

Sometimes, when the vendor profile was added by someone other than the vendor, certain diversity ownership categories aren’t selected based upon what is publicly known and stated on their website or vendor social media platforms. For instance, a vendor may be part of the LGBTQIA+ community, however, their website nor social media doesn’t acknowledge it publicly. Though it could be inferred, it is not our responsibility to out or mistakenly categorize a vendor.

We do recognize that occasional assumptions could occur and we will remedy that immediately. If you’ve noticed that incorrect vendor information is visible, please contact us.

Blue checks are pretty known around the internet to mean verified account. Blue checks on Find mean that the profile was either created and/or edited by the vendor or a representative from their team. If you want to claim your profile, click the “Claim Profile” button on the cover or within the profile.